June 18, 2009

Research – it pays off!

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Greetings everyone!

I feel a positive change in the air – sure the price of gas is up, but I feel like people are out and about, cautiously spending their money, finding some work, and enjoying life.  Let’s stay on the roll!

By now you should have completed your skills inventory and developed your Q statements.  Hopefully your resume is coming together.  Have you started to think about where you want to work?  Sure, we can all check out Careerbuilder.com or Hotjobs.com and so is every other unemployed person.  But, you are different!  You have unique skills that you can quantify and have proven results.  You need to tell an employer that they need YOU on their team!  How do you do that?  Start with some basic research.

Research separates the hired from the not hired.  Knowing what the company is all about allows you to flatter the interviewer and also:

  1. Find out whether or not it’s a place you want to work
  2. Discover what skills the job or the company most values
  3. Ferret out as much as you can about the company culture and mission in order to  align some of your competencies to fit the company’s style & goals
  4. Impress the employer when he or she asks:  “Tell me what do you know about our company, and why would you like to work here?”
  5. You can make intelligent queries when the employer asks you: “Do you have any questions about our company?”
  6. Give you an advantage because your competitors for this job are NOT researching the company to the degree that you are going to.

How do you begin with your search?  If you have Internet access at home, you can sit right there and start your search!  If you do not have access, visit your local library for free access.  Obviously a company’s website will provide a wealth of information – their mission and values, their products and services, and their news releases.  Look at the ‘feel’ of the company’s site.  What is the design like – modern or more classic?  Is their a company slogan?  When was the company founded and how large is it?  Who is the CEO?  Is there a photo of the Executive Team and is it all male?  These are some clues that can give you an idea about the company and how it may operate.

Look again at the company’s mission statement.  What key words can you pull out of it?  Do they match any of your personality traits?  If not, then this may not be the company for you!  If it sounds like a match, then you need to pursue them!

You should do this for 30-40 companies.  Start making a list and then next week I will discuss how to begin a job search that really works!

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Until next time, keep your chin up, stay active and stay healthy!