About Me

Hi and thanks for taking the time to read a little bit about me.  I offer services to both individuals and businesses.
For Individuals:
Picking an interview coach is not an easy decision.  Some people feel embarrassed that they are paying for this service.  Let me assure you that your session with me is strictly confidential.  I do not discuss my clients with anyone, nor do I share my database of clients with anyone.  Your privacy is strictly maintained – kind of like going to the doctor’s office!  I can offer you one-on-one interviewing coaching, and I will either review or re-write your resume.
For Business Owners:
Are you tired of just picking a few applicants from your pool and then just hiring someone because you need a warm body?  Let me re-vamp your hiring process by writing key interview guides for the positions you hire for.  My in-depth analysis will pull the key characteristics you need to find the right candidate.  Do your hiring managers know the legalities and pitfall of hiring?  Let me teach them through my training programs!  I also provide employment training to keep you out of the lawyer’s office!
My Qualifications:
I have been a human resources practitioner for over 15 years.  My passion has always been recruitment and staffing, and the past 7 years of my career were strictly recruitment.  I have served the following industries:  health care, electronic component manufacturing and banking/finance.  Through the use of behavioral interviewing, I was able to ensure the companies I worked for had the top talent they desired.
I have interviewed thousands of candidates throughout all levels of the organization, and I have seen candidates interview well and interview poorly.  Through my experiences, I have many tips, techniques and stories to share with you.   I have seen all the mistakes that candidates have made, and I plan to make sure YOU don’t do them.
I hold a Bachelor of Science degree from Palm Beach Atlantic University in Organizational Management.  I obtained this degree while working full-time, and I completely understand the struggles of juggling a full-time job and studying.  I also completed my Associates degree, here in our backyard of the Treasure Coast at Indian River State College (then, Indian River  Community College).  I am an active member of our local human resources organization – HRMA of Martin County, and a national member of the Society for Human Resources Management.

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